Slip and Slide

This week, I could not believe all the excitement over snow in Charleston. I ventured out in my boots and immediately hit an ice patch and landed on my tuckus. The concrete driveway that appeared to be shoveled was deceiving. It was not a soft landing, but thankfully nothing is broken. I’m sure some bruises will arrive later. My neighbors Butch and Linda decided to go to the grocery and gave me a ride. There was rutabaga and avocados left in the produce department. Apparently, it had been raided two days before in a mad rush for supplies, and trucks could not get to us for two days. The roads were completely covered in ice and precarious without the advantage of salt. Butch demonstrated his fishtail and recovery skills very well, and even stopped so we could greet neighbors and take pictures of the white phenomenon.

Meanwhile, back in Ohio, the hubby reports the continuous accumulation of snow and the dreaded drifts. This morning he tried to power through a moderate mound of snow blowing across the road, and got stuck two houses away from home. So he trudged through on foot and got a shovel to dig himself out. We both agree that we are a little advanced in age for these kinds of physical activities.

Our Pastor discussed the the black ice he encountered and compared it to the lessons in Ephesians 4. We set our selves up for a fall when we encounter falsehoods. Negative ideas we tell ourselves, and lies we tell others will culminated in a slippery icy path that cannot be traversed. Likewise, being stuck in a drift causes us to veer from our true path and purpose. We simply cannot drift along with the popular ideas of the times, or allow the persuasion of others sway our thinking. The snow is beautiful and brilliant as it whitens the landscape that people have cluttered. What a wonderful reminder of how we look after the forgiveness of Christ. Start fresh each day and take caution. Deceivers are waiting to throw us off track. Stay on the sure and proven path, but don’t forget to stop once in a while to capture the sweet memories.