Our Vision

Totally Fit is a Charleston area non-profit creating a community of women who desire to live abundantly whole---Spirit, Soul, and Body.


Our Mission

Totally Fit is a 501c3 nonprofit connecting, educating, & inspiring women on their journey to live abundantly whole - spirit, soul, & body. Through fitness, nutrition, & spiritual growth, we improve our physical & mental health. Together with God, we become Totally Fit.


Totally Fit will accomplish this by:

  • Leading women to have an intimate relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in order to develop a deeper love of their spirit, talents, and life
  • Encouraging women within the church and community to regard their body as a temple for the Holy Spirit in order to have physical strength and spiritual connection to fulfill their God-given mission
  • Providing programs with a focus on: spiritual health, inner peace and freedom, physical fitness, and nutrition for themselves, their families, and their communities
  • Connecting women of all ages and stages of life, creating momentum for healthy lifestyle changes so they may live as an example and inspiration for their families and others

Totally Fit is a group of women who are developing a deeper faith in the knowledge that God designed us for abundant life- that He wants us to be well, healthy, and thriving- so that we can accomplish great things without limitations. Our organization provides a variety of opportunities for all women, at times including their families, regardless of current health and fitness levels. These include groups organized around food choices, physical fitness, spiritual